After reading “Plan carefully to avoid cell phone troubles” (edit: sadly the article is no longer available online), I wanted to emphasize the fact that sell phone vendors will do everything they can to sell you extras and a contract.

When I bought my Razr V3c from Bell Mobility, the salesman tried to put me on a 3 years contract without even asking me. He just said “sign here for your contract”. My what? I don’t want to get involved in a contract. I don’t mind paying the phone 100-200$ more if I can save the hassle of a contract.

The salesman from still sold me a set of accessory, which I thought were free, and an extended warranty. Having dropped my phone on the ground thrice so far, I don’t mind the extended warranty – at this rate I will probably put it to good use next year. As for the accessories, I still needed them, but please be careful of what they will try to get you into when you buy your first cell phone, because you might end up regretting it!