Why pay for both your phone line at home and your cellular phone? Why not keep just your cell phone? This is something I’m considering doing, and there is a good article on that subject over there: Should I ditch my land-based home phone?. Here are the pros and the cons of dropping your land-based phone line. Most are taken from the article, but I added a few on my own:


  1. Save money. This one is pretty obvious. Most cell plans have free long-distance plans, caller id and voicemail. Why pay for an extra phone line with additional fees for those options when you already have your cell phone.
  2. Only one phone number. One number where you can always be reached. You don’t have to pay additional fees for redirection services.


  1. Must keep the phone charged. If you don’t you might miss important calls.
  2. Less security. In the case of an emergency, 911 services cannot located you as easily.
  3. Reception and quality issues. The voice quality in general on a cell phone is not very good when compared to land-based lines.
  4. Need multiple cell phones if you don’t live alone. What about your wife and your kids? They’ll need cell phones too.

As for me, I live alone, I barely use my land phone line and most of my calls are long-distance calls. I will make the jump soon 🙂