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5 +1 iPhone apps for SEO specialists

If you run a blog or website, chances are that you’ve heard of search engine optimization (or SEO for short). Search engine optimizers are people who tweak websites until they come up on top of major search engines’ search results… Continue Reading →

Protect your cell phone with Save

Following up on a previous article, 7 tips to help protect your cell phone privacy, here is a software that can help you protect sensitive information on your cellphone: Save. Save is a software dedicated to password protect your cellphone information and personal… Continue Reading →

How to synchronize Outlook with your cell phone

As more people use their phones as digital agenda, a problem always comes up sooner or later: how to synchronize an Outlook Calendar and a cell phone? Tech Tag explains 2 ways to synchronize Outlook with a cell phone using a synchronization… Continue Reading →

Free maps on your cellphone with Mobile GMaps and Google Maps

Online maps such as Google Maps are very useful when you drive to a new place. I usually print the maps before I go on such a trip to help me find my destination faster. But from now on, it’ll… Continue Reading →

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