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EXIF data is your friend!

I’ve already written about how to read EXIF data in the past and I feel like I could expand a bit further on the topic. Your camera phone stores EXIF data in every picture you take and today we’re going… Continue Reading →

How to read Exif data from your image files

Update 08/17/2009: I have just posted a guide that is a bit more extensive on exif data. You may want to read the new article for more information. Antony Pranata offers a very nice tip on Exif data on his blog which might be… Continue Reading →

101 Uses for a camera phone

Photo credit: Samsung Use your camera phone to look under your car without getting all dirty. I would like to thank, Textually Picture Phoning, Lifehacker and 43folders who already had articles on the subject and served as a source of inspiration for this compilation. What… Continue Reading →

Tips for better camera phone photography

Pictures taken with a camera phone are usually of average quality, but there are a few tips to help with the quality of the image. The Digital Photography School has an article in which they give 13 tips for improving camera phone photos…. Continue Reading →

3 Don’ts when shopping for a camera phone

Nicolas Fogelholm from About Nokia writes on 3GWeek.NET about camera phones. In his article, he gives three tips when shopping for a camera phone: Every cell phone has a camera nowadays, but they’re not all of the same quality. It is important to be… Continue Reading →

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