PCWorld’s “Ring in the cellular battery savings” article is giving you advices on how to get through the day with one charge of your cell phone battery. Here’s a summary of the tips:

  1. Use airplane mode – Many phones offer “airplane mode” in which your cell phone is unable to make or receive calls, but still offers PDA functionality. Using this mode when you don’t expect calls will save power on your battery, since the internal radio takes up a lot of juice
  2. Use the “keypad lock” feature – To avoid accidentaly dialing or turning on your phone’s backlight while you’re traveling, lock down the keypad.
  3. Beware of the extras – Bluetooth, games, music… they all drain your battery faster.
  4. Cellboost – Cellboost is a disposable capsule that will recharge your cell phone on the go, giving you about 1 extra hour of talk-time.
  5. ElectriLite – ElectriLite is a “manual” charger. Put your muscles into use as your charge your phone by cranking the handle of the flashlight/cell phone charger hybrid. 3 minutes of cranking gets you about 8 minutes of talk time.

More tips are available at Four tips of prolonging the life of your cell phone battery