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Carnival of the Mobilists taking place at Wap Review

The Carnival of the Mobilists is back after a long holiday break. This installment of the Carnival is hosted by Wap Review and it features a selection of 20 great articles on mobile technology sorted in 4 categories: History and Prognostication, Reviews, Technology and Business Plans. I encourage you… Continue Reading →

The 31st Carnival of the Mobilists is taking place at All About Symbian

The Carnival of the Mobilists stops this week at All About Symbian. For the best articles on mobile technology, head over to the 31st Carnival of the Mobilists and spend some time browsing through the excellent articles that have been submitted this week! I have… Continue Reading →

The 28th Carnival of the Mobilists

The 28th Carnival of the Mobilists is taking place this week at Digital Evangelist. The Carnival of the Mobilists features this week’s best articles related to mobile technology, be it cellular phones, portable computers, and everything related to the mobile field…. Continue Reading →

The top tens of cell phone radiation

CNET’s Quick guide has a list of the ten highest radiation cell phones and the ten lowest radiation cell phones. The radiation level is expressed in SAR, Specific Absorption Rate. It is the amount of radiofrequency energy absorbed by the body when using a… Continue Reading →

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