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How To Do A Reverse Cellphone Number Lookup

If you’ve been the victim of a prank call from a cell phone at 2 o’clock in the morning, you might be tempted to do a reverse cellphone number lookup to find out information about the culprit. If you thought it would… Continue Reading →

CDMA vs. GSM, Which One Is the Best for You?

Are you looking to pick a side between CDMA vs GSM, the two major telecommunication standards that are used by the cellular networks worldwide? It can be a hard choice to choose between CDMA vs. GSM, as both have their own… Continue Reading →

Use your cell phone as a time management tool

Many cell phones allow you to set an alarm or a reminder at a certain time or date. Even if you don’t own one of the latest smart phones that come with killer time management applications, it is possible to… Continue Reading →

How to fix a wet cell phone and prevent water damage

One day at the pool, the inevitable happens: you get thrown into the water by a bunch of your drunken buddies. In any case, the $300 cell phone that was in your pocket got wet. Unless you own a water… Continue Reading →

Cell phone tips in case of bad weather emergency

Verizon Wireless wrote a press release to offer cell phone tips to prepare for unpredictable summer weather, most of which I found pretty basic but still interesting nonetheless. • Keep wireless phone batteries fully charged. The last thing you want during an… Continue Reading →

Get me out of here with Getmooh!

The dreaded Monday morning has come yet again, as it’s been doing every week, putting a sudden stop to your utopian weekend like a 10-ton truck ramming into a sports car on a slippery mountain road would. You leave for… Continue Reading →

How to donate old cell phones

So, you’re looking forward to the new iPhone but you don’t want to let your old cell phone rot on a shelf? Did you know you could donate old cell phones? They’ll be refurbished, you’ll contribute to saving the environment and maybe make… Continue Reading →

Use a sugar cube to remove unwanted logos from your cell phone

Using a sugar cube, Instructables shows us how to remove unwanted logos from a cell phone. The idea behind it is to use a sugar cube to scratch off the stickers on the cell phone. The sugar should not leave a mark on… Continue Reading →

What are monophonic, polyphonic and true tone ringtones?

While most cellular phones now support all three types of ringtones, it is good to know the difference between monophonic, polyphonic and true tone ringtones before spending bandwidth (or worst, money) on a ringtone version of the latest James Bond theme. Monophonic ringtones In the… Continue Reading →

7 tips to help protect your cell phone privacy

Today I received a brand new credit card because my old one had expired. To activate the new card, I had to call my credit card company so they could verify the card was indeed in the hands of the… Continue Reading →

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