6 reasons to choose a prepaid cell phone plan

Maybe you are unwilling to commit to a lengthy cell phone contract because they require a credit check, or because you don’t want to remain stuck with a cell phone carrier for a long period of time. Prepaid phone plans allow you to bypass all this and can give you much more freedom. They offer many advantages, such as:

1. No commitment

When you opt into a prepaid plan, you are not bound by a contract. You can terminate your subscription at any time by simply stopping to add time to your cell phone. This is a big advantage for users who want to try a new service provider without getting a contract.

2. No credit issue

If your credit isn’t exactly commendable or if you prefer to keep that information personal, you can have a hard time getting into an extended cell phone contract with a major carrier. Prepaid plans can be good alternative since pay as you go plans do not require a credit check. [click to continue…]

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