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Does using a cell phone during a storm increase the odds of being struck by lightning?

According to the Dominican Today, the danger of being struck by lightning is increased when you use a cellular phone during a storm. They base their assumption on the case of a 15-year-old female teenager who was struck by lighting in… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons why touch-screens suck for a cell phone

With the announcement of the touch-screen iPhone, it looks like every cell phone makers out there are announcing their very own touch-screen cell phone. Are keypads really a thing of the past? I, for one, dislike touch-screens for the following… Continue Reading →

iPhone: the good, the bad and the ugly

The blogosphere is currently exploding with opinions on Apple’s latest gadget: the iPhone. Before reading what other bloggers think of the iPhone, I want to produce my very own unbiased opinion first. Here’s my take on the iPhone: The good Web tablet…. Continue Reading →

Nokia study on digital convergence

On June 6th, Nokia has released the results of a global study they did to find out what else consumers do with their cell phone. This study allows them to get a feel of the future of what they call… Continue Reading →

Cell phones in schools

As cellular technology develops, some social debates erupt. It’s been in the news for some time now and parents and children are protesting against it: the ban on cellular phones in schools. How should the matter of cell phones in… Continue Reading →

What do you think of people wearing their bluetooth headsets around?

Peter Davidson asks on his blog “Do you wear your bluetooth headset around?“. He wants to know how we perceive people who do that in public. For some reason, the very first impression I get of these people is that… Continue Reading →

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