Welcome to the first installment of Speedlinking Cell Phone Tips. In these posts I will link to cell phone tips that are either too specific to be worthy of a full-fledged blog post, or already very well covered by the original author. If you publish a cell phone tip to your blog or stumble upon one, send it to me and I might link to it in a future post.

1. 52 Best Twitter Client for your Mobile Phone – Did you know there were so many Twitter clients for cell phones? The only one I am familiar with and can recommend is TweetDeck. Which one do you use?

2. AT&T Samsung Jack Tricks-Set up sliding panel for speed dialing – Speed dialing gets more complicated as your contact list grows larger and this tip can help you make speed dialing more efficient on the Samsung Jack.

3. Tips & tricks to optimize Opera Mobile 9.5 on T-Mobile Touch Pro2 – Apparently, the Touch Pro2 can outperform even the iPhone 3GS.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for future updates!