You are probably loosing money as we speak.  Right now, you are being overcharged for something you are overusing or might not even be using. This could very well be the case if you have not looked at your cell phone bill recently. Do you want to know how you can save on your cell phone bill? Read on, the following tips could help you.

1. Consider a prepaid cell phone plan. No surprise and no worries. You don’t need to sign up for a long-term contract and you pay a fixed amount per month to keep your cell phone in good babbling order.

2. Get a contract. Wait – didn’t I just say to consider a prepaid plan? Yes, I did. Then why consider getting a contract? Because it all depends of how much you use your cell phone. If you talk on the cell a lot, getting a contract is one of the best money saver move you can make. As long as you respect the following point, that is.

3. Know your real cell phone usage. Monitor your minutes, your text messages and your data usage closely. More likely than not, you’re either busting your limit every month or are so much under your limit that you can move down to a cheaper cell phone plan.

4. Periodically check for promotions. The telecommunication industry is changing very fast, giving birth to new cell phone plans and promotions every month. Even if you’re satisfied with your current plan, you could save money on your cell phone bill if you check for promotion periodically.

5. Get rid of unnecessary services. Stop downloading overpriced ringtones, unsubscribe from the services that tap into your SMS budget by sending you unsolicited text messages and cut down on your data plan if you don’t use it that much.

6. Bundle services. If your cell phone carriers offer cable TV, residential land lines and whatnot, you can bundle your services together and ultimately save on your cell phone bill.

7. Use consumer retention programs. Most cell phone carriers have a consumer retention programs. If another carrier is having a wonderful promotion on their cell phone plans, call your current carrier and tell them about it. They might make you a better offer to keep you as a client.

It’s easy to save on your cell phone bill if you stop to think about it. How do you save on your cell phone bill? Have you monitored your cell phone usage recently? Have you ever made use of a consumer retention program? Share with the rest of the universe in the comments below.