Peter Davidson asks on his blog “Do you wear your bluetooth headset around?“. He wants to know how we perceive people who do that in public.

For some reason, the very first impression I get of these people is that they’re full of themselves. I can’t help it – when I see people walking around at the grocery store, seemingly talking to themselves, I can’t help but to think they live in their own world.

Unless you are a very busy person and are on the job 24/7, I don’t see why you would want to wear your bluetooth headset around. I don’t understand people calling their relatives for chitchat while waiting in a line either.

As for women wearing these headsets, I perceive them as professional, workaholic, and can’t help but to think they’re single and have few friends. What a biased perception!

This is a somewhat harsh view, but I am just relating my very first impression of people I see wearing their bluetooth headset in public. I know that my view is totally biased and full of prejudice. I know some people who glued their bluetooth headset to their ear and they’re actually quite sociable and pleasant persons.

As for me, while I don’t wear a bluetooth headset, I wear headphones every time I leave my house. Especially when I go to the grocery store or where I have to stand in line. I guess I’m no better than people who wear their bluetooth headset around 🙂