Use a sugar cube to remove unwanted logos from your cell phone

Using a sugar cube, Instructables shows us how to remove unwanted logos from a cell phone. Sugar CubeThe idea behind it is to use a sugar cube to scratch off the stickers on the cell phone. The sugar should not leave a mark on plastic or metal. Process with the following steps at your own risk – in the worst case, you could damage or leave a scratch on your phone.

  1. Place tape around the area you’re going to scratch. This is important because you don’t want sugar to get in the phone.
  2. Scratch the sticker with a sugar cube until it has disappeared completely. Repeat until the cell phone looks clean.
  3. Remove the tape and clean up the remaining sugar with a dry cloth.

If all went well, you will have a clean unbranded cell phone, with those pesky stickers from your carrier gone forever. Apparently, this trick will not work on some cell phone covers though – the sugar cube will leave a mark.

Mazda Tail Lights September 6, 2007 at 8:39 pm

I think people should be looking at this as a “example” of what sugar does. But really, I’m sure your network carrier doesn’t appreiciate that and what would they say if you had it replaced in their store? If they went to refurbish it, they would not only have to replace the broken part, but also the faceplate. So in basic words, you’ll piss people off. And besides, what’s a 5mmx2cm logo to you? If you use your cell phone that much where you become disgusted with having the logo there, you deserve to have you phone grabbed out of your hand/ear by some guy standing next to you in the subway that was getting annoyyed with your blithering and smashes it on the ground. Other than that, this is a good concept. But come on, don’t piss your phone company off please.

Foolius October 11, 2007 at 4:51 pm

Just dab some alcohol on the logo and rub with a rag. I just got rid of mine in seconds. It can’t scratch your phone either which is nice.

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