Following up on a previous article, 7 tips to help protect your cell phone privacy, here is a software that can help you protect sensitive information on your cellphone: Save.

Save is a software dedicated to password protect your cellphone information and personal data. AVE Technologies, the company behind the software, says it can even inform a contact of your choice if your cellphone is stolen or lost by sending an alert the moment someone changes the SIM card. Save is compatible with Symbian Series 60 cellphones, such as the Nokia N90 and Samsung SGH-D730 smartphones.

Such a software should be useful for anyone carrying sensitive data on a cellphone. In fact, a trial version is available from AVE Technologies‘ website. The selection of phone Save is compatible with is limited though, but as I understand it, in order to offer hard to crack protections, the software relies on the power of the operating system and that’s why Save is not available on every cellphone.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!