Have you ever wanted to send your friend a text message on his cell phone when you didn’t have access to one yourself? Do you want to customize your cell phone without additional cables and softwares? I’ve found myself in this situation once. Had I known that the following two services existed, it would have made my life easier.

Teleflip is a free service that allows you to send a text message to a cell phone via an email address. Simply send your text message to <cell phone number>@teleflip.com and the service will send an SMS to the specified number. This service only works in North America. There is no registration needed for using Teleflip and it is free.

My Mobile Toy
You want to personalize your cell phone but don’t have access to cable and software to transfer the data from your computer? My Mobile Toy is for you. It is a free service that allows you to transfer multimedia elements such as wallpapers and ringtones to your cell phone. The service will automatically resize your image and it supports a good range of cell phones.

These two tools sure help shorten the bridge between computing and cellular technology.

Source: simondecarufel.com » MyMobileToy