It is possible to find out the highest sound frequency you can hear online. It is said that the younger you are, the higher the frequency you can hear. Ultrasonic Ringtones has all the higher frequencies a normal human should be able to hear. You can somewhat test your hearing on this web site, but take this with a grain of salt. It is by no mean a replacement for a test done by an audiologist.

You can also download ringtones of these various frequencies from Ultrasonic Ringtones and use them on your cell phones. The point in this is to avoid disturbing other people who can’t hear higher frequencies when your phone rings. For exemple, you could leave your cell phone turned on in class and chances are good your teacher will never hear it when it rings, but of course you’ll be disturbing the rest of the class. Apparently, these mosquito ring tones are very popular with teenagers.

As for me, despite slowly getting older (26 years old), I can hear 17.7 kHz very clearly. It’s so annoying, my ears feel like they want to start bleeding! If I turn up the volume of my speakers, I can also hear up to the 19.9 kHz frequency, but the sound is very faint. What about you? What’s the highest frequency you can hear?