Nicolas Fogelholm from About Nokia writes on 3GWeek.NET about camera phones. In his article, he gives three tips when shopping for a camera phone:

  1. Don’t opt for a plastic lens. Try to find a cell phone with an optic lens for the best results. Plastic lenses are really not worthy of a real camera.
  2. Don’t believe what the salesperson tells you. Make your own research. For example, an average salesman most likely won’t be able to answer whether or not the phone has an optic lens! Look at specialized sites, blogs and user reviews instead.
  3. Don’t look at sample pictures from the manufacturer. Manufacturers take their sample pictures in ideal conditions, which make them look really good compared to the average picture you’re going to take with your phone. Use google to find sample pictures instead!

Every cell phone has a camera nowadays, but they’re not all of the same quality. It is important to be well informed when buying a cell phone for its camera!