Cell phones in schools

May 15, 2006

As cellular technology develops, social debates erupt. It’s been in the news for some time now and parents and children are protesting against it: the ban on cellular phones in schools. How should the matter of cell phones in schools be handled?

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What do you think of people wearing their bluetooth headsets around?

May 9, 2006

For some reason, the very first impression I get of these people is that they’re full of themselves. I can’t help it – when I see people walking around at the grocery store, seemingly talking to themselves, I can’t help but to think they live in their own world.

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Monitor your cell phone usage with MinuteWatcher

May 6, 2006

If you need help monitoring your cell phone usage, or if you are tired of building up huge cell phone bills, this might be the service for you. MinuteWatcher is a service that tracks your usage and sends you periodic warnings and forecasts. These give you a chance to adjust your mobile phone usage before […]

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More tips on saving battery life

May 1, 2006

PCWorld’s “Ring in the cellular battery savings” article is giving you advices on how to get through the day with one charge of your cell phone battery. Here’s a summary of the tips: Use airplane mode – Many phones offer “airplane mode” in which your cell phone is unable to make or receive calls, but […]

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Plan your cell phone purchase carefully

April 30, 2006

After reading “Plan carefully to avoid cell phone troubles” (edit: sadly the article is no longer available online), I wanted to emphasize the fact that sell phone vendors will do everything they can to sell you extras and a contract. When I bought my Razr V3c from Bell Mobility, the salesman tried to put me […]

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Dropping your land/residential phone line to favor your cell phone, is it a good idea?

April 10, 2006

Why pay for both your phone line at home and your cellular phone? Why not keep just your cell phone? This is something I’m considering doing, and there is a good article on that subject over there: Should I ditch my land-based home phone?. Here are the pros and the cons of dropping your land-based […]

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Four tips for prolonging the life of your cell phone battery

March 19, 2006

The Economic Times has an interesting article on how to increase your cell phone battery life. Here’s a summary: Don’t drop your cell phone and handle it with care. In order to pack the maximum charge capacity within the least amount of weight and volume, the structure of batteries have become quite complex. Dropping or […]

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