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6 reasons to choose a prepaid cell phone plan

September 3, 2009
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Maybe you are unwilling to commit to a lengthy cell phone contract because they require a credit check, or because you don’t want to remain stuck with a cell phone carrier for a long period of time. Prepaid phone plans allow you to bypass all this and can give you much more freedom. They offer […]

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7 tips that will save you money on your cell phone bill

August 18, 2009
Save on your cell phone bill

You are probably loosing money as we speak.  Right now, you are being overcharged for something you are overusing or might not even be using. This could very well be the case if you have not looked at your cell phone bill recently. Do you want to know how you can save on your cell […]

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How to find the best cell phone plan

August 11, 2009
Finding the best cell phone plan

Whether you’re shopping for your first cell phone or renewing a cell phone contract, finding the best cell phone plan can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many carriers to choose from and so many plans available (and I’m not even considering custom cell phone plans), it’s important to take some time to think […]

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What Are Unlocked Cell Phones?

October 6, 2007
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Are you curious about unlocked cell phones? This article will hopefully shed some light on this gray market if you plan on buying one. First of all, why do unlocked cell phones exist? Carriers will usually offer you a great deal on mobile devices when you sign a 1 year or more service contract with […]

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How to get out of your cell phone contract for free

June 7, 2006

It’s hard to resist signing a 3-year contract when you buy a new cell phone. Cell phone carriers give you such a fat discount on the phone when you buy it with a contract, yet getting out of a contract can cost you hundreds in early termination fees. Chip Chick gives a tip on how […]

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Monitor your cell phone usage with MinuteWatcher

May 6, 2006

If you need help monitoring your cell phone usage, or if you are tired of building up huge cell phone bills, this might be the service for you. MinuteWatcher is a service that tracks your usage and sends you periodic warnings and forecasts. These give you a chance to adjust your mobile phone usage before […]

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Plan your cell phone purchase carefully

April 30, 2006

After reading “Plan carefully to avoid cell phone troubles” (edit: sadly the article is no longer available online), I wanted to emphasize the fact that sell phone vendors will do everything they can to sell you extras and a contract. When I bought my Razr V3c from Bell Mobility, the salesman tried to put me […]

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Dropping your land/residential phone line to favor your cell phone, is it a good idea?

April 10, 2006

Why pay for both your phone line at home and your cellular phone? Why not keep just your cell phone? This is something I’m considering doing, and there is a good article on that subject over there: Should I ditch my land-based home phone?. Here are the pros and the cons of dropping your land-based […]

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