Battery Tips

The Only Cell Phone Battery Guide You Will Ever Need

August 29, 2009
Cell Phone Battery Guide

This cell phone battery guide will help you make your battery last as long as possible. If you’re a common mortal like me, you probably don’t want to have to learn all the chemistry involved in charging and operation just to take good care of your batteries. While I am no expert in chemistry, I have […]

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How to charge your Motorola RAZR via USB and use it as a modem

September 28, 2007
Motorola Charger

Have you ever had the need to charge your Motorola RAZR but did not have access to a charger? It happens to me all the time. I have only one charger and I leave it at home. Often while I’m at work, my RAZR lets out its distinctive cry to warn me it wants to […]

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Sometimes, even a cell phone requires a reboot!

May 18, 2006

Something made me realize yesterday that my Motorola RAZR V3c is much more than a simple cellular phone. I had a battery problem that I solved by rebooting the RAZR. As I left for work yesterday morning, I disconnected my cell phone from the charger and made sure it was fully charged. The LCD screen […]

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More tips on saving battery life

May 1, 2006

PCWorld’s “Ring in the cellular battery savings” article is giving you advices on how to get through the day with one charge of your cell phone battery. Here’s a summary of the tips: Use airplane mode – Many phones offer “airplane mode” in which your cell phone is unable to make or receive calls, but […]

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Four tips for prolonging the life of your cell phone battery

March 19, 2006

The Economic Times has an interesting article on how to increase your cell phone battery life. Here’s a summary: Don’t drop your cell phone and handle it with care. In order to pack the maximum charge capacity within the least amount of weight and volume, the structure of batteries have become quite complex. Dropping or […]

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