Camera Phone Tips

EXIF data is your friend!

August 17, 2009
Camera phones can store EXIF metadata

I’ve already written about how to read EXIF data in the past and I feel like I could expand a bit further on the topic. Your camera phone stores EXIF data in every picture you take and today we’re going to look at what is EXIF data, why it is your friend and how to […]

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How to read Exif data from your image files

January 13, 2007

Update 08/17/2009: I have just posted a guide that is a bit more extensive on exif data. You may want to read the new article for more information. Antony Pranata offers a very nice tip on Exif data on his blog which might be good for camera phone and digital camera users alike. Exif data […]

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101 Uses for a camera phone

January 8, 2007

Photo credit: SamsungI have compiled a list of 101 uses for a camera phone to convince myself (and others) that the camera feature on you cellular phone can really be useful. All of these uses are legitimate and have already been tried by someone somewhere in the world. 101 Uses for a camera phone Use […]

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Tips for better camera phone photography

July 12, 2006

Pictures taken with a camera phone are usually of average quality, but there are a few tips to help with the quality of the image. The Digital Photography School has an article in which they give 13 tips for improving camera phone photos. Among those tips, my four favorites are: Well lit subjects – Camera […]

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3 Don’ts when shopping for a camera phone

June 9, 2006

Nicolas Fogelholm from About Nokia writes on 3GWeek.NET about camera phones. In his article, he gives three tips when shopping for a camera phone: Don’t opt for a plastic lens. Try to find a cell phone with an optic lens for the best results. Plastic lenses are really not worthy of a real camera. Don’t […]

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