Use a sugar cube to remove unwanted logos from your cell phone

January 15, 2007

Using a sugar cube, Instructables shows us how to remove unwanted logos from a cell phone. The idea behind it is to use a sugar cube to scratch off the stickers on the cell phone. The sugar should not leave a mark on plastic or metal. Process with the following steps at your own risk […]

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iPhone: the good, the bad and the ugly

January 11, 2007

The blogosphere is currently exploding with opinions on Apple’s latest gadget: the iPhone. Before reading what other bloggers think of the iPhone, I want to produce my very own unbiased opinion first. Here’s my take on the iPhone: The good Web tablet. I was surprised to hear the iPhone would also serve as a web […]

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CDMA vs. GSM, Which One Is the Best for You?

January 5, 2007

Are you looking to pick a side between CDMA vs GSM, the two major telecommunication standards that are used by the cellular networks worldwide? It can be a hard choice to choose between CDMA vs. GSM, as both have their own advantages. When in the hunt for a cell phone carrier, you may have to […]

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Text messaging: the difference between SMS, EMS and MMS

January 3, 2007
Cell phone SMS

The various acronyms used to describe the different kind of text messaging services are not always intuitive and can be confusing to new users. Hopefully the following breakdown of the three most popular messaging services will help clear things up. 1. SMS SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type […]

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