January 2007

7 Reasons why touch-screens suck for a cell phone

January 20, 2007
Motorola Touch Screen Phone

With the announcement of the touch-screen iPhone, it looks like every cell phone makers out there are announcing their very own touch-screen cell phone. Are keypads really a thing of the past? I, for one, dislike touch-screens for the following reasons: 1. Fingerprints We get beautiful widescreen displays onto which we can watch full length […]

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How to donate old cell phones

January 16, 2007

So, you’re looking forward to the new iPhone but you don’t want to let your old cell phone rot on a shelf? Did you know you could donate old cell phones? They’ll be refurbished, you’ll contribute to saving the environment and maybe make someone who’s looking to buy a used cell phone happy. The battery […]

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Use a sugar cube to remove unwanted logos from your cell phone

January 15, 2007

Using a sugar cube, Instructables shows us how to remove unwanted logos from a cell phone. The idea behind it is to use a sugar cube to scratch off the stickers on the cell phone. The sugar should not leave a mark on plastic or metal. Process with the following steps at your own risk […]

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How to read Exif data from your image files

January 13, 2007

Update 08/17/2009: I have just posted a guide that is a bit more extensive on exif data. You may want to read the new article for more information. Antony Pranata offers a very nice tip on Exif data on his blog which might be good for camera phone and digital camera users alike. Exif data […]

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iPhone: the good, the bad and the ugly

January 11, 2007

The blogosphere is currently exploding with opinions on Apple’s latest gadget: the iPhone. Before reading what other bloggers think of the iPhone, I want to produce my very own unbiased opinion first. Here’s my take on the iPhone: The good Web tablet. I was surprised to hear the iPhone would also serve as a web […]

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What are monophonic, polyphonic and true tone ringtones?

January 10, 2007

While most cellular phones now support all three types of ringtones, it is good to know the difference between monophonic, polyphonic and true tone ringtones before spending bandwidth (or worst, money) on a ringtone version of the latest James Bond theme. Monophonic ringtones In the early days of cellular technology, most cell phones were only […]

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101 Uses for a camera phone

January 8, 2007

Photo credit: SamsungI have compiled a list of 101 uses for a camera phone to convince myself (and others) that the camera feature on you cellular phone can really be useful. All of these uses are legitimate and have already been tried by someone somewhere in the world. 101 Uses for a camera phone Use […]

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Carnival of the Mobilists taking place at Wap Review

January 8, 2007

The Carnival of the Mobilists is back after a long holiday break. This installment of the Carnival is hosted by Wap Review and it features a selection of 20 great articles on mobile technology sorted in 4 categories: History and Prognostication, Reviews, Technology and Business Plans. I encourage you to visit Wap Review for a […]

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CDMA vs. GSM, Which One Is the Best for You?

January 5, 2007

Are you looking to pick a side between CDMA vs GSM, the two major telecommunication standards that are used by the cellular networks worldwide? It can be a hard choice to choose between CDMA vs. GSM, as both have their own advantages. When in the hunt for a cell phone carrier, you may have to […]

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How to fix a wet cell phone and prevent water damage

January 4, 2007
Wet cell phone

One day at the pool, the inevitable happens: you get thrown into the water by a bunch of your drunken buddies. In any case, the $300 cell phone that was in your pocket got wet. Unless you own a water proof cell phone, you’ll want to know exactly how to dry out a wet cell […]

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